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CenterLink is proud to list LGBTQ-friendly jobs for organizations and institutions whose work is closely related to the needs and interests of LGBTQ communities.

Job Board Submission Guidelines:

Thank you for your interest in submitting your open employment opportunities with CenterLink, The Community of LGBTQ Centers! We accept and list positions from organizations that follow our submission guidelines—100% free of charge.

In order to stay true to our values, we require that all jobs and organizations follow the guidelines below. CenterLink reserves the right to reject any submissions.

  • Submissions must be made directly by employers. Submissions cannot be made by recruiters or search agencies*. *Dues-paying member organizations may post executive searches via search agencies or at the discretion of CenterLink.
  • Employers must be nonprofit, LGBTQ, or LGBTQ-affiliated organizations. CenterLink does not post job listings from for-profits (LGBTQ+ or otherwise), search agencies, schools, governmental agencies, or any organization whose missions and values are not in alignment with those of CenterLink.
  • Posting organizations must have anti-discrimination statements that include sexual orientation and gender identity.

You must also include:

  • A link (url) to the full job post if there is one or the job description
  • The city and state where the job is located
  • Your organization's basic contact and location information
  • The contact information for the person(s) answering inquiries about the job

Additional details:

  • Postings are always free.
  • Upon approval, listings are active for 60 days. After 60 days listings will automatically expire but may be renewed or removed earlier at the request of the employer.

CenterLink reserves the right to reject any submission or remove any posted listing at its discretion and/or for the above reasons.

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