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CenterLink Leaves Twitter

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Denise Spivak, CEO, April 21,2023

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CenterLink has made the decision to deactivate our Twitter accounts immediately due to Twitter quietly removing its longstanding policy aimed at protecting transgender people from targeted misgendering and deadnaming.

The practice of targeted misgendering and deadnaming is considered a form of hate speech. Social media companies must commit to fostering safe environments for LGBTQ people, not removing policies protecting them.

Over the past few months, the Twitter landscape has become an unsafe platform for LGBTQ and BIPOC people to use. Anti-trans and anti-LGBTQ tweets have greatly increased, as well as anti-Black and antisemitic tweets that are published under the guise of bringing "free speech" back to the platform. Additionally, Twitter owner Elon Musk recently promoted an anti-trans tweet about the recent Nashville Covenant School shooting, which is the latest in a series of transphobic tweets.

Purposeful communication requires an honest and transparent dialogue in spaces that respect our lived experiences and honor everyone’s safety. Rolling back LGBTQ safety pulls Twitter out of synch with TikTok, Pinterest, and Meta (Facebook/Instagram), which all maintain policies to protect users at a time when anti-transgender and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric is at an all-time high.

With more than 430 pieces of legislation targeting healthcare, education, public places and services, and drag performers or entertainment, 2023 is on pace to be a record-setting year for state legislation targeting LGBTQ adults and youth. Now is a time to lift up the voices of those who are most vulnerable and most marginalized, and to take a stand against those whose actions are quite the opposite.

The direction Twitter has taken does not align with CenterLink’s mission or values. Effective immediately, we have left the Twitter platform. You can still find us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, and we look forward to connecting with you on those platforms.

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