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Johnson Family Foundation Mental Health Initiative Video Series

CenterLink News, May 16,2022

Johnson Family Foundation Mental Health Initiative Video Series Image All News

May 16, 2022 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL- CenterLink, the world’s largest LGBTQ community-based association, released a video series showcasing twelve years of the Johnson Family Foundation Mental Health Initiative (JFFMHI) in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month.

The full-length video and video short series aims to raise awareness on the importance of mental health and the importance LGBTQ community centers play at providing mental health services in their communities across the country. The video features former grantees and mental health professionals serving the LGBTQ communities. The full-length video can be viewed by visiting

In 2009, the Johnson Family Foundation established the Johnson Family Foundation Mental Health Initiative to support LGBTQ community centers to continue the vital work in mental health and provide critical funding to centers to increase their capacity around mental health programming and services. The initiative focuses on increasing technical assistance, resources, and support for mental health-related programs.

To date, the Johnson Family Foundation has granted over $2 million to the Initiative, benefitting over 61 LGBTQ community centers that are providing model mental health programs. Some of these programs have served as models for other LGBTQ centers, helping thousands of individuals and communities across the country.

“CenterLink tremendously values our partnership with the Johnson Family Foundation on this innovative and powerful program,” said CenterLink CEO Denise Spivak. “The Mental Health Initiative has had a significant impact on the Centers in our network that have received funding over the past 12 years, and many really have become model programs in the delivery of mental health services to the LGBTQ+ community. We look forward to continuing to work with JFF and expanding the field of funding partners to support this crucial, often life-saving work.”

“As the world emerges from the physical, emotional, and economic toll of the pandemic, we at JFF are more committed than ever to ensuring LGBTQ+ people have access to mental health services that view them as humans of dignity rather than objects to be disposed of, ridiculed, or ignored. For over twelve years, we’ve been proud to partner with CenterLink to provide funding for direct services and capacity building in the realm of mental wellness through community-based LGBTQ+ centers. These grants have empowered a generation of LGBTQ+ activists to see their personal well-being as the foundation upon which they can go out and heal our world.” said Dr. Paul Hokemeyer, Johnson Family Foundation Trustee and Licensed Therapist.

The Johnson Family Foundation has been at the forefront of addressing mental health in the LGBTQ community and ensuring that high-quality, culturally competent mental health programs are accessible to individuals and families everywhere.

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CenterLink strengthens, supports, and connects LGBTQ community centers. With over 300 members, CenterLink plays an important role in addressing the challenges centers face by helping them to improve their organizational and service delivery capacity, access public resources and engage their regional communities in the grassroots social justice movement.  

The Johnson Family Foundation’s mission is to support the development of healthy, vibrant and just communities where individuals, families and the next generation of leaders will thrive. JFF funds programs to improve the health of our environment; promote equality and social progress; and support education and youth.  


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