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Our Mission

CenterLink strengthens, supports, and connects LGBTQ community centers.


CenterLink envisions flourishing LGBTQ centers that nurture thriving, healthy, safe communities.


We believe in the axiom that “all politics is local” and therefore, we work to ensure that community centers are primary change agents in a movement working toward the empowerment of LGBTQ people.

We support and honor other communities whose civil rights struggles paved the way for our movement, and we value and work for full human rights and self-determination for all people.

We believe that promoting, celebrating and achieving equity, inclusion, and diversity strengthen the LGBTQ community and are vital to CenterLink’s mission and vision.

We value a network governed by an inclusive process and that collaborates with other LGBTQ organizations.

We believe in the right of each member center to self-direction and value all centers regardless of size, services or programs.

We value the worth and dignity of all people and strive to create and sustain community institutions that make this value a reality.

We celebrate our LGBTQ culture and value our cultural and political heritage.

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